"We are so happy we picked Finoro Custom Homes Inc. as our builder. Their entire team was very knowledgeable and wouldn't quit until we were 100% satisfied. Vickki in the office was incredibly helpful with choosing the colours and features of our new home including everything that needed to be organized. She looked after us by ensuring we had a rental that we could stay in while our home was being built and always made us feel comfortable and secure. Steve, the site supervisor, was very caring and continued to keep us involved with the progress of our new home. It was reassuring to see how meticulous the exterior was cleaned of bricks and debris before final grading. Furthermore, the interior was machine cleared of dirt and drywall putty before the final ceramic tiles and laminate flooring were applied. Having purchased five (5) brand new homes over our lifetime, we can testify to the fact that this has by far been our most pleasurable and easiest transition thanks to the work of the people at Finoro. We sincerely admire the quality of our construction and remain amazed by the standard features given that would normally be considered extras among other builders."

Scott and Monique

"Dear Danny,
I recently purchased a lot in Elmira. I'm enjoying the process and am getting excited for my closing date. I wanted to take a few minutes to let you know what an amazing job Vikki has done with my file. To be honest, I've never experienced such high level of customer service in anything I've ever purchased. Every time I have a question Vikki answers me promptly and with such professionalism. Sometimes I can ask silly or redundant questions and she never flinches, but instead finds out what I want to know if she doesn't know already. She's amazing. She immediately reaches out to the people on your team so she can get right back to me. We've even had design conversations, I might ask her what she thinks, has she seen this or that before. I feel I always get an honest reply and I respect her vision and advice. Vikki has had some creative conversations with you too to help me get the look and function I'm looking for. And I thank you for your ideas and solutions.
Working with Finoro Homes has been delightful.
Thanks Danny"


"Hi, we just wanted to thank Finoro for the lovely bungalow that his company built for my husband & I in the Devonshire site in Woodstock. I called it my Gingerbread home because the street view of it was so cute. We had no problem at all with our upgrades and Danny even made a couple of suggestions that made them even better. Vikki was VERY patient with us/me when trying to decide on colours and Steve, the Site Super was a lot of fun and VERY helpful. It was such a good experience that, after 3 years, when we wanted to scale down a bit, we didn't even go shopping for another builder, we purchased one of Finoro's classy bungalow townhomes in the same sub-division and, again, everything went smoothly and was a great experience. When any warranty problem was encountered in either of our 2 homes, it was dealt with in a professional and expedient way. So, thanks to all Finoro staff for the quality & professionalism that was provided to us."


"We purchased a home from Danny Finoro in 2012 and did not have a single problem with the buying, upgrading or finishing process. If any problem arose they were very quick to come and fix the issue. The process was so enjoyable that when health issues made it difficult to climb stairs in our two story townhouse, we sold it and bought a new one floor bungalow semi detached house from Finoro Homes! We have been very happy with the two properties purchased from Finoro Homes and would advise anyone to talk to Vickie about buying your next home from Finoro Homes. If we are ever in the market for a new home again, we would definitely purchase another Finoro built home."